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Harbor Caskets - The Harbor Religious Bronze. Steel Casket in Bronze. Rubber Gasketed Casket come in 20-Gauge, with Sculpted Hardware and Rosetan Velvet Interior.

The Harbor Calvary | Harbor Caskets

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This casket is a beautiful way to represent a loved one's Christian faith.  The bronze finish and highly detailed hardware are unique and visually interesting.  The complementary rosetan velvet interior presents an overall aesthetic that is at once spiritual and soothing.

Why We Recommend This One: The Harbor Calvary is a perfect choice for those wishing to honor their spiritual beliefs.  This casket comes in a solid 20-gauge American steel and is completed with a protective rubber gasket seal.

Key Features:

  • 20-Gauge American Steel. We chose 20-gauge American steel for its strength and weight, and create a casket with uniform thickness of steel to ensure a sleek build without sacrificing on quality.

  • Bronze Color. The steel is a beautiful bronze color.
  • Sculpted Hardware. The exterior of the casket and all metal hardware has been intricately sculpted, providing a high level of functional aesthetics to the overall design.

  • Gasketed casket. This casket comes with a full rubber sealed gasket.

  • Rosetan Velvet Interior. The Velvet interior is our most premium material we use for interiors.

Why You Should Buy from Harbor Caskets:

  • Buy direct and save. Use the FTC’s funeral rule to ship to the funeral home of your choice and save 85% or more off the price of a casket.

  • Modern, hand-crafted design. Made in the USA using high-quality and locally-sourced materials.

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Country of Origin: USA

Shell: 20 Gauge Steel

Size (interior): 79"L x 24 "W x 14"H

Size (exterior): 83"L x 28"W x 23"H 

Weight: 180 pounds

Designed to fit standard size burial vaults