Harbor's Easy, No-Fee Layaway Program for Pre-Planners

Completely Guaranteed / Free / 100% Refundable / No Expiration

Many families appreciate the ability to secure a casket and other funeral services ahead of the time in order to reduce the stress and financial burden on their loved ones during the funeral (or memorial) planning process.

Harbor Caskets is proud to offer a layaway program where you can secure your casket weeks, months, or years in advance of time of need due to our simple, free, and completely refundable, and flexible program.

What is a “layaway program?”

Layaway programs first made their appearance during the 1930s, a result of the Great Depression. Today, they are a purchasing option in which a customer places an order (in this case, on a casket or coffin) but instead of receiving the purchased item as a normal online purchase, this item will be set aside, or “laid away,” for later pickup and delivery. A layaway program usually also allows for a customer to make smaller payments in installments rather than paying in full upfront.

Harbor Caskets offers the option to layaway a casket or coffin that is fully paid, or one which is being paid off over time. Harbor offers a third-party financing option, Affirm, to accommodate any need for financial assistance during a layaway program (and beyond).

What is the layaway process?

Every retailer has its own version of a layaway program, but most follow a similar process wherein a customer will: 1) pick out the item to layaway; 2) make a down payment; 3) continue to make small payments overtime until the item is fully paid for; 4) pick up your item.

With Harbor Caskets, our process is simple: 1) pick out any casket or coffin to layaway; 2) simply mark the order as “layaway” in the “Notes” section during check-out; 3) pay for the item entirely or choose a financial plan from Affirm; 4) look for an emailed copy of our contractual obligations for your specific product (this will be sent immediately after purchase); 4) read Harbor Caskets’ layaway program guide or contact us with any questions or concerns; 5) rest easy knowing your casket or coffin is secured until it is needed.

It is important to be aware that many retailers have layaway fees, such as a service fee, cancellation fee, or a restocking fee. A service fee typically covers the cost of participating in the program. A cancellation fee is a charge for cancelling participation in a layaway program (or if a customer cannot make payments). A restocking fee is similar to the cancellation fee in that it is a charge for not making payments on time and the store has to restock the item.

Harbor Caskets is proud to offer customers a layaway program with no fees or fine print!

Harbor Caskets’ layaway program

Harbor Caskets is proud to offer a completely guaranteed layaway program to customers which is free, 100% refundable, and has no expiration date. Our layaway program is available at any time and on all caskets and coffins, including custom orders. You can design your casket with us now and we will supply at the time of need. Order from us weeks, months, or years in advance and your casket is secured.

To get started, contact us in the chat, by phone, or on our contact us page.

Here's your guide to Harbor Caskets’ layaway program:

Find a casket or coffin

Pick any one of our metal or wooden caskets/coffins for sale. Harbor Caskets offers a layaway program on all of our products – standard or customized!

How to order

Opening a layaway plan is easy at Harbor Caskets. To initiate a layaway, simply mark the order as “layaway” in the “Notes” section during check-out and we will immediately e-mail you a copy of our contractual obligations for your specific product.

How to receive your casket

Once you receive the contract, you can share this contract with your funeral home and/or leave copies with friends and family or whoever else will be involved in the funeral planning. At the time of need, any authorized representative can call or e-mail us at the number in the contract to receive the order. We recommend contacting us at least 5 business days in advance of the time of delivery, but we can accommodate smaller time windows.

No fees or fine print

Our layaway program is 100% designed for our customers’ peace of mind, so no need for complications. Our layaway program is free of fine print.

  • No fees – our layaway program is free to use. There are no fees for the program (we hate fees!) at any point. As with any order, delivery is free.
  • Product guarantee – we guarantee that the product you order is the one you will receive at the time of need. If we no longer make the casket you ordered, we will provide the newer version, or if necessary, custom build one for you at the time of need.
  • 100% refundable – you can change your mind at any time, up to the time of shipment, and receive a full refund or exchange. As always, there are no fees for this refund.
  • 100% transferable  you can always change the owner of the contract or the delivery location.
  • No time limit  your contract with us never expires. Should Harbor Caskets ever wind down our casket business, we will provide an advance notice of 6 months and refund 100% of your money (of course).